I walked into my first workshop filled with fear, pain and an emptiness that I thought was “who I was.”  Through this work I have learned and learned to embody a courage, knowledge, appreciation and passion for life that was hidden in me.  The patience, skill and tenderness that both Ariel and GiGi provided allowed me to discover who I am on the other side of my deeply resistant and fear filled places.

– Lilith M.


I’m still digesting the layers and unraveling that’s continuing to occur in me.  The way the weekend was lead and guided allowed me to become intimate with what is actually held inside my body and my mind.  Which on some levels broke my heart – open – beautifully.  I’ve found a kindness for myself which I’ve always wanted from others, but realize the beauty and gentleness when it comes from myself first.

– Stacy W.


Attending a workshop with GiGi and Ariel is an experience that has touched me deeply.  I am grateful for their openness as each of us participants seemed to go through many emotional layers that most of us had no idea how to access, until this weekend.  I am incredibly grounded now, and quit in a profound sense of stillness.

– Lynn V.


Through these workshops I have been inspired and awakened to my own subtly of my femininity and fullness.  They inspire me to take time and to slow down, to trust the cycles of nature and how they work through my body into my sense of greater Spirit.  I have traveled the world to attend these Workshops and Retreats, they are priceless!

Olga N.


My life changes direction after each retreat I’ve been to, and I’ve been to them for years. Each retreat sets my attention within a deep and personal level of alignment with my own unique path and way.  Instead of learning other peoples dogma, these retreats are the opposite.  I learn how to trust myself through the practices which allow me to “let go” and release what I might have been holding onto for “safety” reasons.  I’ve learned to trust the power of being aware… While putting my mind and body into practices that develop my ability to let go and to regenerate a more authentic self.  Again, none of this is by learning “dogmas” or “ways of being,” it’s by my learning to un-do the dogmas and find the living source in me, which knows intrinsically what to to next.

Martha L.


I was in a terrible state when I called Ariel.  From our first conversation, I had the experience of speaking to someone who not only was skilled, trained and had years of working with people with deep emotional trauma, but also noticed her level of focus and presence with me, on the phone.  I had never done any-thing like a personal intensive before, so didn’t quite know what to expect.   I learned more about myself and uncovered years and layers of experiences I had hidden from myself, that came undone, during my sessions.  I had no idea what it was feel and to be present, to myself, in a deeply quiet and profound way.  This experience has changed my Life and my direction of where I’m going next in life.  

– Susan P., Washington DC


I have been a Mediator for the past 16 years with a home practice of sitting, and I have done a number of Vipassana Meditations over these years.  My first Bodywork Session with Ariel, took me into an immediate state of having a profound direct experience of what I’ve only been able to find after Eight days of sitting on the mat.  Each session after that, seemed to build on itself, where lifelong patterns were uncovered and released, even things which I had completely forgotten about, came flooding into my awareness while I was on her table, and I could feel layers and layers of these images, feelings, and held in story, unravel right through me.  I’m amazed at how much my body held in, without me realizing it.  And now am amazed at how clear, present, grounded, aware, happy and at ease I genuinely experience myself.  

– Jason B. Denver CO.


Ariel is here to help people wake up to self mastery through personal empowerment by employing tools that she uses every day to achieve excellence with herself and her relationship to others. Ariel took me through a process of body and self Inquiry work that helped me to achieve a level of constant ease and flow I never thought was possible for me. Her table work releases a lifetime of trauma based judgements and she gives you tools for a practice of self discovery that will yield impressive results daily.

Ariel helps you to see the relationship between what’s going on in your mind and how that directly influences your life. She uses her keen insight to reflects the limiting beliefs that we hold and how we overlay those same judgements onto our friends and family creating a world of drama and pain. I have spent a lifetime practicing many modalities and have gone to many retreats and seminars for personal empowerment and Ariels’ 4 day private session was easily the most transformative and the most self empowering by leaps and bounds.

– Jason S. Sedona AZ